1 Bedroom             Estimate Total Hours 2 Cleaners                          2-3 Hours

2 Bedrooms          Estimate Total Hours  2 Cleaners                          2- 4 Hours

3 Bedrooms           Estimate Total Hours 3 Cleaners                          2- 4 Hours

Cleaning services require a non refundable payment of select service. Payment of selected service will add you to our calendar. Cleaning service that we  provide is, before moving in or after moving out of your residents or business. We provide all supplies and equipment. Please provide any specific product or ask if we provide your requested product. Call or Book Now!


*Payments are non refundable. We will Provide you with the best service and protect your property while cleaning.*



Thank You

*Check calendar for our available date, to service your needs. (Calendar on Home Page)*

1 Bedroom             Estimate Total Hours  2 Cleaners                          2-4 Hours

2 Bedrooms          Estimate Total Hours   2 Cleaners                         2-5 Hours 

3 Bedrooms           Estimate Total Hours 3 Cleaners                          2-5 Hours

4 Bedrooms           Estimate Total Hours 4 Cleaners                         2-6 Hours           

                                                                                            Deposit And Hourly Price For Cleaners                                                                                                                       (This deposit covers from Kokomo to Rochester, Indianapolis, Gas City and West Lafayette)

Prepaid Deposit:                     2 Cleaners- $250.00                                     3 Cleaners- $300.00                                   4 Cleaners- $360.00 Price Per Hour:                                                      $80.00                                                                $120.00                                                              $150.00




Every crew will have a Supervisor present to assure quality service and a extra hand if needed.